dsc_0291Welcome! My name is Alyssa Smith. I am a 2012 Carlow University Mass Media Graduate. My interests are in social media, health care, and volunteer opportunities. I enjoy interacting with the public and getting involved with non-profit work. I am energetic, good at multi-tasking, and prioritizing work flows. I am always up for a challenge especially if it allows me to grow my skills and knowledge base.

In my free time I love to spend time with my family and two very furry but lazy Siberian Huskies. I enjoy running (slowly), and spending time outdoors. I am an avid reader and love the classics. Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, and Edgar Allen Poe are some of my favorite authors; but my favorite writer will always be Stephen King. I’ve read The Stand and Different Seasons more times than I can count. I am a history buff and self proclaimed Disney Princess. I fly my nerd flag proudly! I love cooking and of course by default eating. I enjoy meeting new people and am always up to learn.

This site serves as my personal portfolio. You can find samples of my past research and view my current freelance work  here. If you wish to discuss potential career or freelance opportunities please reach out to me at acsmith922@gmail.com.

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